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When you’re moving to Dallas or moving around the city of Dallas, TX, you should have all of your options open to you. Of course you want to know whether or not to ask friends for help or if you can afford to have a local professional moving company help you move.

We’re here to help provide you with data and good recommendations on local moving companies. Check out the information below about moving companies in Dallas and then fill out the form to get a free quote on moving services.

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Editor Ratings on Dallas, TX

Restaurants: 7.5 / 10
Nightlife: 7.5 / 10
Public Schools: 8.5 / 10
Police: 6.5 / 10
Job Availability: 9.5 / 10


Top Moving Companies in Dallas, TX

Every year we analyze the top 20 moving companies in Dallas and rate them on various metrics. Our goal is to help you find a moving company that is right for you and that starts with understanding what makes a great moving company. In our opinion a great moving company has a few qualities:

  1. They do their best to handle your belongings with care to avoid accidents as much as possible.
  2. Accidents are inevitable. They are insured and take care of accidents when they happen.
  3. They are efficient in their work, completing your move quickly while still being safe.
  4. They are courteous to their customers, their children, and their pets.

We examine lots of metrics and data points to evaluate moving companies and give each one we examine what we call a Trusted Mover Rating score. This is a rating score between 0 and 100 that attempts to approximate how trustworthy a moving company is and how good of a job they’ll do moving your treasured belongings from home to home.

One metric we examine heavily are online reviews of Dallas moving companies on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Our process removes duplicate reviews posted on all 3 platforms to get a better idea of how many unique reviews are being left for each company.

Here are the Top Movers in Dallas by Number of Online Reviews

  1. Black Tie Movers – 879
  2. AB Moving – 693
  3. AM Moving Company – 381
  4. Einstein Moving Company – 301
  5. Mustang Moving – 196

Top Dallas Moving Companies by Trusted Mover Rating

Our Trusted Mover Rating takes into account various factors including if the moving company has a website, if they use a unique phone number, if the moving company has reviews on all 3 main review websites (Google, Facebook, and Yelp), and if they display their license number on their website. This score is on a scale of 0 to 100.

  1. Black Tie Movers – 80
  2. Spectrum Local Movers – 77
  3. Einstein Moving Company – 76
  4. Phoenix Express – 75
  5. Wildcat Movers – 74
  6. Community Moving – 74
  7. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping – 72
  8. On The Spot Moving Company – 70
  9. AB Moving – 69
  10. Bellhops – 67
  11. 3 Men Movers – Dallas – 67
  12. Long Distance Movers – 64
  13. Mustang Moving – 62
  14. AM Moving Company – 59
  15. Expert Dallas Movers – 59
  16. D-Town Movers – 57
  17. Veterans R Us – 52
  18. Lightning Moving – 52
  19. Dallas Movers Pro – 49
  20. Lone Star Movers-Modular Tech 2 – 35

Top Dallas Moving Companies With More than 100 Reviews by Trusted Mover Rating

Some of our users have expressed an interest at only seeing Trusted Mover Rating scores for moving companies with an established reputation. We examined our data and pulled the best moving companies by Trusted Mover Rating with at least 100 unique and relevant reviews across platforms.

  1. Black Tie Movers – 80
  2. Einstein Moving Company – 76
  3. Wildcat Movers – 74
  4. AB Moving – 69
  5. Mustang Moving – 62
  6. AM Moving Company – 59
  7. D-Town Movers – 57
  8. Veterans R Us – 52
  9. Dallas Movers Pro – 49
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Here 🙂

Thank you RPS, I made it to Dallas from Nebraska and all of my stuff is here and ok.
- Chelsea

Loving the Big D

It's almost 11pm but I just finished unpacking, the movers did a great job. Dallas is huge and I can't wait to go explore my new home.
- Ryan Mallerson

Uptown Dallas!

Great movers, friendly, and treated my things nice.
- Tenisha


updated on July 11th, 2018