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As the internet and culture goes, so goes Seattle. The city counts and Microsoft as two of it’s major employers along with the smaller internet based companies like Penny Arcade, Moz,, Zillow, Classmates, and Cheezburger. For culture the city counts the likes of Nordstrom and Starbucks among the Seattle based companies that also help spread the cities influence across the US and Canada and tempt talented individuals to it’s rainy borders.


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Restaurants: 6.5 / 10
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People who have the freedom to move to wherever their fancy takes them or whose jobs give them the flexibility to relocate to Washington rarely regret the choice to take up residence there. The largest and arguably the most popular city in the state is Seattle which is nicknamed the Emerald City, but there are a dozen or so surrounding cities and suburbs with their own unique features, benefits and character. Here are four great reasons why many people have promptly contacted a moving service after deciding to call Seattle home.

Temperate Weather

The Emerald City is also known as the Rain City because of the number of rainy days the area sees regularly during winter months. The bright side to all that overcast weather is beautiful springs and stunning summers. While undeniably wet, winters in the Emerald City are usually mild. Spring time comes early, and landscapes are only enhanced by the abundant rain received during winter. Summers are pleasantly warm with no humidity; it can be compared to climates along the Mediterranean.

Sustainable Living

Health conscious people who take their environmental responsibilities seriously tend to thrive in the Emerald City. The area is known for its abundant natural resources and beauty which attract residents and tourists in great abundance. Most Seattleites have made the leap to sustainable living to help conserve the resources that they love for themselves and future generations. This mindset materializes in the city’s recycling programs, its green building plans as well as the ample number of vegan restaurants found around town.

Scenic Beauty

After one look at the majestic snow capped Cascade mountains and vividly hued, green forests that surround the city, an outdoor enthusiast is often the first to seek out a Seattle moving quote from a reputable moving company. The area abounds in bicycle friendly neighborhoods as well as wooded and beach side trails. The Emerald City is also surrounded by numerous waterways like Lake Washington and Portage Bay that make year round boating and kayaking a lot of fun.

Abundant Career Opportunities

The list of great career opportunities in the Emerald City is almost as large as the list of movers that can be accessed on this website. A variety of high growth industries like those in aerospace, financial services and technology are represented in and around the Emerald City. For example, Boeing, Microsoft and Bank of America employ approximately 70,000, 40,000 and 7,300 area residents respectively. The city’s economic culture is also friendly towards innovative entrepreneurs.


While most people find living in the Emerald City sublime, relocating is almost always never fun. Hiring a competent moving service is a way to save time and alleviate a lot of the stress associated with moving across the country or just across the state. This website is packed with tools and resources to help you move to or within Seattle, WA. Get a Free Seattle moving quote with the form on this page.

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