If you are part of a two-career/two-income family where one spouse has been transferred or accepted a new job, employment for the “trailing spouse” may be a top concern.

Or, maybe you are relocating for new opportunities and improvement of your lifestyle, and new employment is part of your move and career path. Regardless, the key to being successful lies in utilizing all the tools available to you, and in building and cultivating a network.

Here are some steps you may want to take to ensure results and a positive relocation:

  • Contact friends and acquaintances both in your desired field of work and the area you are moving to, regardless of their field. Even people in a different industry know the city and can give you ideas on what companies to approach and which to avoid; as well, they may know someone in your field and be willing to refer you.

  • Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper in the town you are moving to. Not only should you research want ads, but read the business section as well.

  • If one spouse’s company is responsible for the move, check with their human resources department to see if they have trailing spouse assistance.

  • Contact the Chamber of Commerce. Most have lists of the top businesses in the area.

  • Join local business, civic and networking clubs.

  • Contact the state Employment Commission.

  • Make appointments with executive recruiters and employment agencies. Be sure to find out if you or the employer is charged, if they negotiate the hiring contract, if you would actually work for the agency or for the client employer, and carefully review any contract or have an attorney look it over before signing.

  • Sign up with a temporary agency. This can provide you with a job and income while you continue your search; in addition, many temp jobs lead to permanent employment.

  • Consider your own business, as either a part-time or interim business, or as a whole new career direction!



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