Thinking of taking a new job abroad? Maybe you’re taking your career in a new direction? Or maybe you’re ready to explore new countries and cultures, with or without kids in tow? Perhaps your spouse or “significant other” is being relocated and you’re ready to explore employment opportunities for yourself in the same country? International relocation takes a great deal of time and effort to coordinate. We recommend that you use our information to research, plan, and prepare for all that will be involved.

Whichever your particular circumstances, you are about to embark on a new way of life. What will it take to get there from here? More than a road map and a full tank of gas! Are you ready to uproot and try out new cultures and styles of doing business? Do you know enough about the country you’re headed for? What will your everyday life be like? How long will your assignment last and where will you go next?

You’ll also be facing long lists of things to do as you prepare for your move: the key to success will be to be well-prepared and organized. The practical considerations should be tools to success not obstacles in the way of this exciting new path you have chosen to follow.

Here are just a few of the issues you will want to consider:

  • Family issues: how will everyone adjust to the new country and its culture? What special considerations should be made for the children? What about the family pet?
  • Personal paperwork: time to start getting all your personal, financial, legal and income tax affairs in order.
  • Finding a place to live: how to go about home-searching and how to decide whether to rent or buy.
  • Schools: some tips on how to go about choosing a school suitable for your children’s needs.
  • What to take: how to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. How well do computers and electronics travel, and will what you have now be suitable for the destination? Should you take your car and will you need an International Driving Permit?
  • Health and insurance: what to expect of the health services where you’re headed and what insurance arrangements need to be made for medical and other coverage.

Here are some other helpful external websites for international relocation:

Currency Calculator – OANDA, The Currency Site is the advanced and comprehensive provider of foreign exchange information, currency trading, and forex services.

Translation – enter in a word or phrase, and translate it into another language!  useful for translating foreign text into your language, or finding out how to say something in another language.

BR Anchor publishing has a wonderful book calledHome Away From Home: Turning your International Relocation into a Lifetime Enhancement.”   This book is absolutely indispensable to anyone making an international move.   Chapters include topics such as real estate, medical & elder care, children & schooling, documents & assignment planning, customs & manners, moving, learning the area, etc.  There is also an excellent reference section of very useful resources. In addition, there is a children oriented book called “Let’s Move Overseas” which is a must for international moves with children; and a teen-oriented book called “Footsteps Around the World” which is one of a kind!

BR Anchor also has a great Spouse International Moving FAQ that is a must for anyone contemplating an overseas assignment with a spouse!  Support for the spouse improves assignment success rate and enhances the international experience for the family.

Culture Quiz – Do you know in which country businesswomen generally aren’t expected to pay for a meal? Or where walking on the grass can be illegal? To give you an idea of how cultures differ around the
world, BR Anchor has created this fun customs and manners quiz.

Sacks & Kolken Immigration Lawyers – full service immigration law firm, which concentrates its practice in assisting citizens of  Canada and others to obtain lawful status in the United States. The firm handles cases in all areas of immigration and nationality law, including visas, NAFTA application, Green Card status, labor certification, immigration court proceedings as well as issues involving naturalization and United States citizenship.

Overseas Digest features more than 30 of the most important government documents for Americans abroad.  Also offers a free monthly e-mail newsletter.

Expat Exchange is an online community for people of all nationalities who are moving or living abroad.

iAgora offers destination specific information, practice languages & more in German, French, Spanish & English.  Talk to people around the world about studying & working abroad.

TCK World is a resource site for parents and teachers of Third Culture Kids who are dealing with the challenges of cross cultural transition.  TCK World provides material for cross-cultural moves, culture shock and repatriation.

American Citizens Abroad is a non-profit organization that works for legislative and regulatory reform around the world.

International Schools Services publishes the Directory of Overseas Schools.

Travel Warnings issues travel and safety warnings for every country in the world.



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