These are the Top Dallas Area Neighborhoods to Live In

Jason C.

Everyone—and their family—wants to live in a nice area. When it comes to major cities, there are good areas and bad areas. Sometimes there are really good areas and other times there are really bad areas. Dallas, being a major city, has all types of neighborhoods—good or bad. Niche did the heavy lifting and detailed the absolutely best neighborhoods to live in around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

When it comes to the best, there are a few specific factors they take into consideration. These are:

  • Public Schools
  • Housing
  • Good for Families
  • Crime & Safety
  • Nightlife
  • Diversity

In this article, we’re going to examine these six ranking factors as we learn about various neighborhoods surrounding the Dallas area. Together, these factors give an aggregate score, or letter rating, to the neighborhood being graded.

As mentioned before, Niche did the grading for us. The “grade” is essentially an A-through-F score akin to one a student would get in class. Since we’re reviewing only the best neighborhoods, there will be no “F” scores in any of the six ranking factors; instead, we’ll learn about what makes these neighborhoods the best of the best in the Dallas area. And, if you’re considering a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can use this list to help you choose which neighborhood you’d like to live in, based on the factor that’s most important to you. Let’s get started!

The Top 30 Neighborhoods Around Dallas

This list is quite comprehensive; after all, there are 30 neighborhoods on this list. Here’s why this is important, however: If you’re going to make a major move to a new city, especially a large city, you’ll want to do plenty of due diligence first before choosing which area to live in. That’s where we and Niche come in!

It’s worth noting every neighborhood listed below has an average rating of “A+”. Any of these neighborhoods are great to live in! But, how much can you afford? To help you navigate and zero-in on which neighborhood will be best for you, you might as well start with the price you’re willing to pay. That’s why median home value is listed next to each neighborhood. Keep in mind, however, that even though this is the median home value, there are numerous homes to be found that are either more or less expensive. Here’s the full list of the 30 best neighborhoods to live in around Dallas-Fort Worth:

  1. Timberbrook – Median Home Value: $291,230
  2. Preston Highlands – Median Home Value: $181,854
  3. Canyon Creek South – Median Home Value: $346,091
  4. Clear Spring Place – Median Home Value: $240,600
  5. Canyon Creek North – Median Home Value: $291,804
  6. Heights Park – Median Home Value: $208,979
  7. Moss Farm – Forest Meadow – Median Home Value: $284,341
  8. Prestonwood – Median Home Value: $334,665
  9. Greenwood Hills – Median Home Value: $197,221
  10. Owens Park – Median Home Value: $236,100
  11. Arapaho – Median Home Value: $219,211
  12. Sherrill Park North/Foxboro Addition – Median Home Value: $286,700
  13. Fairways of Sherrill Park – Median Home Value: $286,700
  14. Lakeview Heights – Median Home Value: $497,587
  15. Campbell Green – Median Home Value: $351,861
  16. Highlands of McKamy – Median Home Value: $167,293
  17. Liberty Park – Median Home Value: $233,368
  18. Park Forest – Median Home Value: $217,539
  19. Lakewood – Median Home Value: $524,348
  20. Oaktree – Median Home Value: $209,797
  21. Spring Park – Median Home Value: $270,431
  22. Caruth Terrance – Median Home Value: $246,890
  23. Greenland Hills – Median Home Value: $401,259
  24. Wilshire Heights – Median Home Value: $461,232
  25. Yale – Median Home Value: $167,655
  26. White Rock Valley – Median Home Value: $369,756
  27. University Estates North – Median Home Value: $267,780
  28. Highland Terrance – Median Home Value: $114,610
  29. Caruth Hills – Median Home Value: $1,193,614
  30. Dallas North Estates – Median Home Value: $157,512

Featured photo by Huihui Zhang on Pixabay



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