Map Using Google Search Data Reveals The Most Popular Exercise Activity in Each State

Jason C.

There are numerous benefits to exercising. Energy levels, weight loss, skin health—each of these are improved by exercising. In addition, exercise is said to increase brain health, improve mood, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. One has to wonder why more people don’t work out. There are reasons for that too, such as limited time or a lack of motivation. Some people also go through phases, working out for a period of time and then going on an a hiatus from exercise.

When someone wants to exercise they can choose from a large number of activities. Some of these activities include jogging, swimming, yoga, and hiking. Fitness Equipment Source recently put together a list of the most popular exercises in each state. The website used Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool to collect the data. They also listed the 14 most popular exercises by keyword search volume on Google. They are:

1. Yoga
2. Running
3. Hiking
4. CrossFit
5. Swimming
6. Kayaking
7. Gymnastics
8. Cardio
9. Bodybuilding
10. Weightlifting
11. Aerobics
12. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
13. Martial Arts
14. Jogging

Hiking, Running, and Yoga

As you can see from the picture, and the list, hiking, running, and yoga are the most popular exercise activities. They are also the most popular activities in each state. Strangely enough, one can see a type of pattern with the geographical locations of yoga states versus running states. Yoga seems to be more popular in the middle and northern states while running seems to be more popular in the southern states.

North Dakota is the only northern state where running is the most popular exercise search keyword. On the other hand, Florida is the only southern state where yoga is the most popular exercise search keyword. Interestingly enough, yoga is the most popular exercise search term in Alaska and Hawaii. There are only four states which have a majority of “hiking” as the exercise keyword: California, Colorado, Montana, and Vermont.

Residents of Wyoming either can’t decide which exercise they love most or enjoy exercising so much they listed all three top exercises, as seen in the photo.

Top Exercise Activities by Volume

Each of the activities listed has a “most popular state” for it. That doesn’t mean it’s the most popular activity in that state overall. Even though hiking is the most popular search term in California, the state also has the highest search numbers for “running”. This is probably because there are so many people in California. Let’s talk about some other exercise activities on the Top 14 list.

“Swimming had had 117,390 related keyword searches with the highest per capita rate in the state of New Jersey. Kayaking had 93,500 related keyword searches and is most popular in Florida. Gymnastics reigns supreme in Texas with 64,430 related keyword searches.”

It’s not surprising that kayaking is most popular in Florida. After all, most of the state is surrounded by water and it has numerous rivers running through it.

Featured Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels



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