The Future of Moving

Joe Youngblood
Moving Technology

In the future you’ll hire robot owners to command their robots or use your own automated technology and gadgets to help you move. Drone aircraft, self-driving cars, autonomous furniture moving robots, rfid tags, nfc, and other moving technology will make the move of the future faster, more efficient, cheaper, and a lot less stressful.

Self-Driving Cars

In the fairly near future you’ll be able to pack your car full of boxes and send it to your new home where another person or even robot are waiting to unload the boxes before the vehicle returns to pickup more boxes. If Self-Driving Cars of the near future are built like ours your could feasibly fit a lot of your clothes and small boxes into the trunk and interior seating areas and send the car to your waiting roommate or spouse at your new place. If moving a small apartment within the same city this could enable you to move cheaper than hiring a moving company.

Moving Drones

Moving drones will pick up small to medium sized boxes and carefully move them to your new home setting them down on a landing pad that contains a homing beacon. The multi-copter drones will be able to lift nearly 200 lbs and transport your belongings in specially designed crates. The creates will clamp onto the bottom of the drone using 4 electromagnetic locking clamps. These clamps will not be released until the drone has safely planted it’s cargo on the ground using a mixture of signals from the Moving Drone Beacon Pad. It finds the beacon pad via homing signals and uses a built in on-board camera to look for the specially designed markings on the top of the pad. Only when a drone is positive that it can see the markets and has the right pad will to lower down and only once it has touched down will it release it’s cargo.

Already this year a drone broke the weight-lighting record for a drone aircraft by lifting a historic 130lbs into the air. If advances continue these craft could be available within 5 years time.

Moving Drone Beacon Pad

The Moving Drone Beacon Pad is a beacon pad placed near your new home in a small clearing that allows the Moving Drone to home in on its location. The pad is thin, lightweight, flexible, and durable. Before a moving drone is given cargo to move it’s bound with a MDBP via a bluetooth like signal. A pad can be bound to one or more drones at a time. The moving pad is equipped with the ability to access cell phone towers and gps. Once laid down the mover presses a button that activates the pad, when active the pad accesses GPS satellietes and obtains its GPS coordinates. It then accesses a nearby cellular internet or wifi service and tells the drones bound to it where it is. This allows the drones to home in on it’s relative location. Once hovering above the beacon pad the drones camera scans to ensure that the pad’s markings are clearly visible and that there is nothing on the pad to ensure safety. If the pad is clear the drone begins to slowly lower keeping the markings within it’s camera sights. As it lowers the drone begins to pickup NFC signals to better ensure that it’s in the right location and keeps lowering. When the drone has lowered the cargo all the way to the ground it trips a pressure switch in the pad which signals the drone to release its clamps. The clamps release and the drone flys up and away ensuring it doesn’t hit buildings or other drones in the process. Once finished with moving the moving drone beacon pad can be switched off and rolled up and given to the last drone to fly it back to the moving company’s base.

Furniture Moving Bots

Big furniture such as your bed, couch, washer and dryer, and dressers will be moved by a team of furniture moving bots in the future. First the bot handlers will wrap the furniture with plastic wrap then the bots will lift it and store it in a box truck. Once at the location the bots will place the furniture inside where it needs to go.

Purpose built for different types of furniture, FMB bots will have sturdy stucture and tread covered wheels but still be lightweight enough to carry and not cause damage to wooden or carpeted flooring. The mattress moving FMB will be two platforms connected with

FMB’s could possibly get their directions from your smartphone app or a virtual reality app on your Oculus, Gear VR, or other device.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality – you’ll have virtual reality or altered reality programs like Microsoft Hololens, META, Samsung Gear VR, or Occulus Rift that allows you to place your furniture in your new place. The virtual reality program will interface with your moving robots so that they know where to place your furniture.

Moving Apps – hopefully in the near future utility, cable, and internet companies will all have api’s that will allow you to update your new address with the touch of one button. State’s will update your home address, banks will update your banking address, and the USPS will update your address.

RFID Tags / NFC Tags – in a few years time RFID or NFC tags will be cheap enough that we’ll have label makers which print out these radio frequency tags to easily mark a box of goods without writing on it. The tags can be read by various autonomous bots and in-home appliances and smart phone apps to identify.

In-Home Appliances – nest, echo, and other in-home appliances need to know what room their in. These devices will be able to read RFID / NFC tags in moving boxes to understand when they enter a wrong room or are back in the room they belong in.



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