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Millennial Movers are heading to Washington and Texas in droves

Jason C.
Dallas, Moving News, Seattle

Birds of a feather fly together. The same can be said of Millennials. That’s because they are flocking to the same cities around the country in large numbers. Now, we have hard data of where they’re moving to, courtesy of SmartAsset. As you know from the title, Millennials are moving to Washington and Texas. Where else are they moving to? Keep reading to find out!

Top Ten States

We listed Washington and Texas specifically because they are the top two states Millennials are moving to. Here’s the full list:

  1. Washington – 39,590
  2. Texas – 33,650
  3. Colorado – 26,547
  4. Virginia – 18,338
  5. Georgia – 17,621
  6. Oregon – 11,989
  7. North Carolina – 9,647
  8. Nevada – 8,820
  9. Florida – 7,195
  10. Arizona – 7,077

And there you have it. These are the most popular states that Millennials are migrating to. The number to the right of the state indicates net migration.

Why are Millennials moving to those states? And why are they moving away from cities like Chicago and New York? Jobs, housing, and the cost of living are among the biggest reasons. Business is booming in states like Texas and in cities like Dallas/Fort Worth, for example.

Methodology of the Data

Where did the data come from? Derek Miller of SmartAsset writes, “In order to calculate which cities and states millennials are moving to, SmartAsset compared 2016 Census Bureau migration data for 217 cities and all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. We compared the number of persons between the ages of 20 and 34 who emigrated from each city and state to the number who immigrated. We ranked the cities and states by highest difference between the number who immigrated and the number who emigrated for persons ages 20 to 34.”

And there you have it. The data comes from the Census Bureau which is probably the best place to get it from. The ages of between 20 and 34 are the target ages for Millennials which proves that the data has merit. Furthermore, the use of migration data for 217 cities shows that the study is a comprehensive one.

Unless cities like New York and Chicago take action to attract Millennials, those cities will eventually get smaller if people came moving away from them.

Featured photo by StockSnap on pixabay

Where in the USA Renters Spend More Than Half of their Income On Rent

Joe Youngblood
Maps, Moving News

If you’re one of the estimated 40 million Americans moving this year, there’s a good chance you might end up renting a new apartment, condo, townhome, duplex, or house. One issue that’s been getting more attention lately is how much of their income renters are spending on rent instead of saving or spending on other things. The more that is spent on rent, which doesn’t help consumer’s credit scores, the less that is able to be placed into long-term savings, paid on education loans, invested in markets, or spent on consumer items.

Based on a new map you may want to consider moving into a lower populated area if possible. The map was made by Reddit user /u/academiaadvice and shows counties in the USA color-coded by where residents spend x% of their income on rent. The red and dark red areas indicate where a population spends over 25% of their income on housing rent, something most financial experts advise not to do. These counties almost perfectly line up with population density maps showing the more congested an area is, the more likely a renter is to pay a larger percentage of their monthly income in rent.

Out of all of the states California appears to be the worst for renters along with New York, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida. Some of the more affordable states include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Montana, and Missouri.

where renters spend more of their income on rent


Top Misspelled Word In Each U.S. State

Jason C.
Moving News

Not everyone has won a Spelling Bee Competition and this is made apparent by the type of popular misspellings in each state. Keeping this in mind, ABC News has reported on which word is the most misspelled for each state. And they collected the information from Google. “Google pulled data from its search trends to reveal the top word most people have trouble spelling in each state. Using search queries that began with ‘how to spell’ and then the word in question, Google was able to determine the most troublesome words for people in all 50 states.” Take a look at the map below and read which is the top misspelled word for each state.

Observations from the Map

A picture is worth a thousand words and this map shows us some misspelled ones. The map is broken down by the number of times a certain word is repeatedly misspelled. For example, “definitely” is the most misspelled word in two separate states; therefore, those states are colored blue. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The top misspelled word in one state is yellow.
  • The most misspelled word in two states is blue.
  • The top misspelled word in three states is purple.
  • The most misspelled word in four states is red.

Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Red

There are 19 states where the misspelled word is unique to that particular state. For example, “niece” is only the top misspelled word in Texas. “Tomorrow” is the most misspelled word in Florida. Amusingly, “Hawaii” is the top misspelled word in Alaska which is the only other non-contiguous state.

There are 14 states where the top misspelled word is unique to two states. That means there are 7 words shared by two states each. For example, “appreciate” is the most misspelled word in both Illinois and Georgia. “Definitely” is the top misspelled word in both Oregon and Louisiana.

There are 9 states where the most misspelled word is unique to three states. That means 3 unique words are each shared by 3 states. For example, “gray” is the top misspelled word in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Michigan. In another example, “pneumonia” is the most misspelled word in Washington, North Carolina, and Missouri.

Finally, there are 8 states where the most misspelled word is unique to four states. That means there are 2 words shared by 4 states each. For example, “desert” is the top misspelled word in California, Idaho, Indiana, and Connecticut. The other word, “cancelled”, is the most misspelled word in Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It’s interesting that the word “cancelled” is the top misspelled word in states found only on the East Coast.

Spelling Massachusettes

Besides “Hawaii”, there’s only one additional state as the top misspelled word in a given state. This is Massachusettes. For the amusement of readers everywhere, the state where Massachusettes is the most misspelled word is this: Massachusettes. This just goes to show that difficult names of states can be hard to spell, even in their home state! It’s a good thing most email clients and word processors have built-in spelling checks.

Featured image by Pixabay on Pexels

Massachusetts image by Wikimedia on Wikipedia

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