Worst USA Airports

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Worst and best US airports by the numbers [OC] from dataisbeautiful

When you pay for a service you expect a seamless experience. That isn’t always how it is when it comes to flying on an airplane. Flight delays are a recurring theme at many large-scale airports around the country. Let’s take a closer look at the worst USA airports, ranked by delays.

A Reddit user, u/divergentdata, recently put together a video detailing the worst airports for delays. This information was shared on Reddit and many other Reddit users commented in the thread.

Total Versus Percentage

It’s important to understand the difference between total delays in an airport and total delays by the number of flights that transit an airport. Reddit user u/uddermann summed it up nicely. The total delays in order are “1. Ohare 2. Hartfield Atlanta 3. San Francisco 4. Dallas 5. Los Angeles 6. Newark Liberty 7. Philadelphia 8. Charlotte Douglas 9. LA Guardia 10. JFK”.

U/uddermann also chimed in on the top ten delays by transit percentage. They are “1. Memphis 2. Palm Beach 3. Dallas Love Field 4. Chicago Midway 5. Philadelphia 6. Bob Hope 7. Richmond 8. Baltimore/Washington 9. LA Guardia 10. Southwest Florida 11. Ronald Regan”. What this means is that, even though airports such as Memphis or Palm Beach aren’t large, they still have a large amount of delays flights, percentage-wise.

Airport Stories

Many Reddit users expressed frustration about traveling through some of the airports shown above. U/yeerk_slayer says “Chicago Suburbian here. I can confirm that almost all of my flights leaving O’Hare are delayed for one reason or another. But then again, we do have some pretty sporadic weather.” I have flown to and from Chicago in the past and can personally confirm that there are plenty of delays at O’Hare and Midway.

Minneapolis didn’t make the list. U/JMoc1 might be able to shed some light on that. He says “Minneapolis has the best clearing crews in the US. In fact, MSP is actually the training ground for all clearing crews and plowing services in the US”. U/JMoc1 is referring to clearing crews cleaning snow at the airport. Minneapolis is up north and gets quite a bit of snow.

Looking on the Bright Side

Although the main focus of the tread is airport delays, some Reddit users tried to see airports in a more positive light. For example, Reddit user u/Valiuncy said “if there’s one thing I like about Indianapolis, it’s our perfect airport. It’s so easy, clean, never too crowded, looks nice, and is everything an airport should be”. U/jrm20070 replied saying there’s “almost never a security delay [in Indianapolis]. I walk straight through without a line nearly every single time. I definitely take the airport for granted”.

Rumors on Causes for Delay

Constant delays in some airports have created some rumors in commentators. For example, u/raxitron said: “I think Memphis is the highest % delayed because it’s a hub for FedEx and their planes get priority over the small number of passenger flights”. Comments like these are only hearsay; however, one has to wonder if there is a link between commercial flights causing passenger flights to be delayed.

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Drugs and Prostitution in San Francisco Visualized

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SF Police open data in Google Earth (Drugs=GREEN, Prostitution=BLUE) [OC] from dataisbeautiful

Crime is a perpetual plague on society. It always has been and it always will be. In our modern times, we continue to look for ways to minimize crime. One of the ways law enforcement does this is by focusing on trouble areas. The San Francisco Police Department wanted to know where these trouble areas are. So they collect and report data to pinpoint troubled areas.

A user on Reddit, u/SquishyData, recently put together the visualization of this crime data that you see above. He specifically focuses on where a majority of drug and prostitution arrests or incidents happen in and around San Francisco. A picture says a thousand words, and u/SquishyData wanted to see what people would say about the visualization  Many Reddit users have commented, providing additional information. Let’s read what they said.

Not the Whole Picture

Data requires interpretation. For example, and as u/SteamandDream alludes to below, the data only shows locations where arrests or incidents happen. I’m sure there are dangerous neighborhoods where even the police don’t like to patrol. The crime occurrences in those areas will not show up in the data visualization picture.

prostitution drugs crime map of san francisco

Real Experiences

People who are from or have visited San Francisco can correlate their experiences with the data picture. This picture also gives tourists a great idea of what places to avoid. For example, u/normal_whiteman stated: “I’m visiting SF soon and this map is a great resource”. Hopefully, other visitors to San Francisco will also see the visualization since it would give the visitors a better chance to stay safe.

Another View

Data being open to interpretation allows for differing opinions. For example, u/pantless_pirate has replied against another comment stating that the lit up areas are where one is less likely to get arrested for drugs or prostitution. U/pantless_pirate replied “You would think, but it’s actually the opposite. The lit up areas are the areas where you are safest to partake in drugs or prostitution because those areas are the least gentrified and while the cops monitor those activities in those areas, they don’t actually ever make any arrests. If you tried to smoke crack openly near AT&T stadium you’d be picked up in a second. In the heart of the Tenderloin, the cop standing on the other corner would be making sure you stay out of traffic but otherwise let you alone.”

A Separation of Crime

Other users, like u/puppy2010, made an interesting observation which indicates drug and prostitution occurrences happen in separate areas. There’s a clear overlap in the area at the top; however, the visualization shows drug and prostitution arrests happen in different areas, even though they are mostly next to each other. U/SquishyData, the creator of the visualization, commented “I was also surprised! It’s important to also note that the records are incident reports and not all reports lead to an arrest. Maybe the police are keeping tabs on these areas and not arresting.”

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House Cleaners and Maids Share What Parts of Homes Are Never Cleaned

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Professional house cleaners of reddit, what do most people need to clean in their home, but don’t? from AskReddit

It’s no secret a clean home improves the well-being of all inhabitants. What isn’t well known are the places that get cleaned the least. The overlooked places might surprise you and some of them are hidden in plain sight.

House cleaners and maids have a unique way of finding these neglected places. As home cleaning professionals, they’ve been around the block, literary, and use their experience to hit these neglected places. Reddit users on /r/AskReddit that work as house cleaners or maids recently answered questions about places in your home that rarely get cleaned.

Most Used Fixtures

Door handles, light switches, cabinet handles—u/Hmscaliostro explains these are normally overlooked. Think of how often you touch them and you’ll realize the answer is probably every day. If you want to get rid of germs you should clean the areas you touch most often.

The Dust Spot in the Kitchen

You might have an immaculate kitchen. But according to u/9bikes, there is one area that is continually neglected: the top of the refrigerator. It’s understandable since maids notice that people normally clean up to eye level. After reading this, find a way to see the top of your refrigerator. How much dust did you find?

Since we’re in the kitchen, an “honorary” mention in this room is the dish drying rack. Plastic dish drying racks eventually accumulate grime. Maids and house cleaners recommend either a metal dish drying rack or a kitchen towel.

The Secret Bathroom Grime

There’s one part of the bathroom that often goes neglected: the shower curtain. Inside these, you might find mold and mildew, both of which are unwelcome guests in any home. U/melmia88 advises to “have a mold and mildew spray next to the tub for quick spritz every now and then between cleanings”.

Shiny Objects

Just because an object is metallic doesn’t mean it stays clean. These objects can be full of germs is not cleaned regularly. Maids and house cleaners have labeled tea kettles, light fixtures, and appliances as objects that should be wiped down from time to time. U/Hmscaliostro explains “the finishing touches they miss are polishing or wiping down their kitchen bin, kettles, and other shiny things on their counters”. A couple more perfect examples are metal can openers and toilet handles.

Do Germs Climb?

House cleaners and maids have mentioned the walls are often neglected areas. If young children and dogs live in a home, consider bending down to their eye level. Do you see any muck or otherwise dirty areas? Even if the walls appear clean, it’s a good idea to disinfect them from time to time. U/Bjorna_Gloom explains there is often “grime so thick on the walls you could make an entire bar of soap out of it”.

Get Started

Now that you’ve learned of some of the more neglected and dirtier areas, you can put your knowledge to work. Keep your house clean to improve your well-being as well as those who live with you.

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The US States in Order of the Annual Income from the top % of Earners

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Annual Income of Top 1% of Earners, by State [OC] from dataisbeautiful

How much yearly income makes you a rich person? What is a rich person? In each state, there is a different threshold which will put you in the top 1% of earners. There’s quite a difference between Connecticut, the state with the highest 1% threshold, and New Mexico, the state with the lowest 1% threshold. In Connecticut, you need to make at least $659,979 in order to be in the top 1%. In New Mexico, you need to earn $231,273 a year.

This data comes from the Economic Policy Institute. A Reddit user, u/mynameiselderprice, recently visualized this data in the diagram shown above. U/mynameiselderprice shared the diagram picture on Reddit. Money is a touchy subject for many people. Let’s read what some people have to say about the diagram.

Interpreting the Numbers

Like all data, some information is open to interpretation. Reddit user u/orictomptive explains “the big difference for CT is mostly due to a single county, Fairfield. Fairfield is about an hour from New York City where the new-rich build mansions on the water.” U/orictomptive further write about how helicopter taxis are available in Fairfield County. Another Reddit user, u/TheManMulcayhee, confirmed a first-hand account of the wealth there. They wrote “I do field work in Fairfield County. Yesterday, a Rolls Royce and a McLaren drove by [me].”

annual income of rich people graph

State Number Six

North Dakota came in at number six on the list. Some Reddit users were confused as to why the state beat other states such as California and Texas. U/DonViaje summed it up nicely: “There’s been a huge oil boom in the past few years in North Dakota”. The oil industry is a powerful one and it would be no surprise to find out oil magnates live in the same state where drilling operations take place.

The rich aren’t the only ones taking advantage of oil in North Dakota. Reddit user u/Ralsten explains “I’ve been working in the ND oil field for the past 4 years now. Somebody with no college and the willingness to work hard and long hours can easily pull in $60-$80k a year so I can’t even imagine what the execs and CEOs are making.” It’s also important that a salary between $60-$80k goes further in North Dakota than in New York City or Los Angeles.

Industries at the Top

Connecticut, New Jersey, and California are all states at or near the top. What are some high-paying industries in each state? U/BenTheHokie says “Connecticut is where all the hedge funds are located.” U/ducati1011 confirms that some New Jersey residents work finance in New York City. They drive or take public transportation during the day. Then, they return to New Jersey to enjoy their higher quality of life in the form of lower housing costs. U/rabuy2000 mentions that California has a high number of “tech jobs”. All in all, the diagram is a great way to visualize what it means to be in the top 1% in each state.

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Where Vancouver’s Empty Homes Are

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The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada just announced a new empty homes tax which is projected to impact about 5% of the homes in the city. This move comes as the city fights high housing prices along with other measures like increasing the Foreign Buyer tax from 15% to 20% in hopes of keeping non-Canadian real estate investors out of the city.

61% of the empty houses in Vancouver are Condos with another 6% belonging to other types of multi-family housing such as townhomes, apartments, and duplexes. Almost 25% of all empty homes are located in Downtown Vancouver making up the largest volume of empty homes with the West End neighborhood coming in second place. In percentage of empty homes per neighborhood West End and Shaugnessy are both tied for the top spot with 8% of homes in both neighborhoods reported as empty.

This map of Vancouver neighborhoods breaks down where the empty houses in Vancouver are located.

vancouver empty homes map

If you’re looking to move to Canada from Seattle or Dallas or relocating from anywhere, or just want to invest in the Canadian real estate market, this map will be useful in understanding Vancouver’s new housing laws and housing markets.


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Where in the USA Renters Spend More Than Half of their Income On Rent

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If you’re one of the estimated 40 million Americans moving this year, there’s a good chance you might end up renting a new apartment, condo, townhome, duplex, or house. One issue that’s been getting more attention lately is how much of their income renters are spending on rent instead of saving or spending on other things. The more that is spent on rent, which doesn’t help consumer’s credit scores, the less that is able to be placed into long-term savings, paid on education loans, invested in markets, or spent on consumer items.

Based on a new map you may want to consider moving into a lower populated area if possible. The map was made by Reddit user /u/academiaadvice and shows counties in the USA color-coded by where residents spend x% of their income on rent. The red and dark red areas indicate where a population spends over 25% of their income on housing rent, something most financial experts advise not to do. These counties almost perfectly line up with population density maps showing the more congested an area is, the more likely a renter is to pay a larger percentage of their monthly income in rent.

Out of all of the states California appears to be the worst for renters along with New York, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida. Some of the more affordable states include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Montana, and Missouri.

where renters spend more of their income on rent


Neighbor vs. Neighbor: Man gets sued by neighbors over his garage

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A man has been fighting a lawsuit and legal trouble caused by his neighbors for years, all because of his garage. It’s cost him over $25,000 so far. Watch the video and decide what’s going on for yourself.


The neighbors claim that his garage violates county codes, is dangerous, is an illegal business, and is an eye sore. The man claims he just uses his garage to help friends work on their cars. As the video shows the story starts to unfold and we see the ban scoot passed the camera on his wheelchair, a twist we’re unaware of, he’s handicapped. The man and the neighbors both agree on one thing, the council won’t do anything about the issue. So far they’ve sided with the man and said that his garage does not violate any codes.

The neighbors are still fighting claiming they want to take him all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to have them tear down his garage.

Top Misspelled Word In Each U.S. State

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Moving News

Not everyone has won a Spelling Bee Competition and this is made apparent by the type of popular misspellings in each state. Keeping this in mind, ABC News has reported on which word is the most misspelled for each state. And they collected the information from Google. “Google pulled data from its search trends to reveal the top word most people have trouble spelling in each state. Using search queries that began with ‘how to spell’ and then the word in question, Google was able to determine the most troublesome words for people in all 50 states.” Take a look at the map below and read which is the top misspelled word for each state.

Observations from the Map

A picture is worth a thousand words and this map shows us some misspelled ones. The map is broken down by the number of times a certain word is repeatedly misspelled. For example, “definitely” is the most misspelled word in two separate states; therefore, those states are colored blue. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The top misspelled word in one state is yellow.
  • The most misspelled word in two states is blue.
  • The top misspelled word in three states is purple.
  • The most misspelled word in four states is red.

Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Red

There are 19 states where the misspelled word is unique to that particular state. For example, “niece” is only the top misspelled word in Texas. “Tomorrow” is the most misspelled word in Florida. Amusingly, “Hawaii” is the top misspelled word in Alaska which is the only other non-contiguous state.

There are 14 states where the top misspelled word is unique to two states. That means there are 7 words shared by two states each. For example, “appreciate” is the most misspelled word in both Illinois and Georgia. “Definitely” is the top misspelled word in both Oregon and Louisiana.

There are 9 states where the most misspelled word is unique to three states. That means 3 unique words are each shared by 3 states. For example, “gray” is the top misspelled word in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Michigan. In another example, “pneumonia” is the most misspelled word in Washington, North Carolina, and Missouri.

Finally, there are 8 states where the most misspelled word is unique to four states. That means there are 2 words shared by 4 states each. For example, “desert” is the top misspelled word in California, Idaho, Indiana, and Connecticut. The other word, “cancelled”, is the most misspelled word in Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It’s interesting that the word “cancelled” is the top misspelled word in states found only on the East Coast.

Spelling Massachusettes

Besides “Hawaii”, there’s only one additional state as the top misspelled word in a given state. This is Massachusettes. For the amusement of readers everywhere, the state where Massachusettes is the most misspelled word is this: Massachusettes. This just goes to show that difficult names of states can be hard to spell, even in their home state! It’s a good thing most email clients and word processors have built-in spelling checks.

Featured image by Pixabay on Pexels

Massachusetts image by Wikimedia on Wikipedia

How To Move a Motorcycle

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Moving Guides

A guide on how to load up and move your motorcycle(s) with a moving truck

Imgur user Turbovez and his wife took their 2 old motorcycles on a 2,000 mile journey across the American Southwest. From California through Nevada, Colorado, Arizona the 4 Corners Region, Native American Reservations, and the Grand Canyon they rode on battling dirty and sandy roads, heat advisory, and mechanical failures along the way. The couple took in scenic views of America everyone should strive to see as they made their way through each state. Eventually, they had to resort to renting a moving truck as one of the bikes broke down and the summer heat in Arizona became too much to risk riding in.

how to move your motorcycles
[click photo to enlarge] [image credit to turbovez]

Both motorcycles were loaded into the back of the moving truck and strapped in. Turbovez took a great photo which shows how the two bikes were held in place for the their trip back to Joshua Tree, California where their journey started. Each bike is first pulled into the back of the moving truck 1 by 1 and parked with their kickstand down and front wheel tilted to the left, as you would normally park a bike. The two bikes are then held in place with 3 tow straps. The bike furthest to the left of the truck has two tow straps attached to the left wall rail and one tow strap attached to the right wall rail. The bike furthest to the right has two tow straps attached to the right wall rail and one tow strap attached to the left wall rail.

This configuration kept their motorcycles safe and sound on the over 5 hour drive from Camp Verde, AZ back to Joshua Tree, CA and should work well for you if you’re moving one or two motorcycles. Of course that means you’ll need to rent a moving truck. You should be able to use this same technique on a flatbed trailer or in the bed of a regular pickup truck, you’ll just need three tow straps per bike and a ramp of some sort to get the bike or bikes into the truck bed or onto the flatbed trailer. If you’re moving other stuff in a moving truck along with your motorcycle we’d recommend adding your motorcycle to the truck first, then waiting on the engine too cool off before placing boxes and other items around it.

View the entire gallery of photos from their trip here: Couple Takes a trip across the American Southwest on Motorcycles

Seattle is the Number 11 City in the USA for Digital Startups

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If you’re looking to make a move so you can be the founder and CEO of your own startup or work at a hot new tech company. Then Seattle, WA might be where you want to go. Moving to Seattle can be a bit of difficult task for some people. To make your move easier check out our list of moving tools and our ultimate moving checklist.

A recent report on American cities and communities ranked Seattle #11 in the top cities for digital innovation. The report, Innovation that Matters, is an annual research publication which seeks to see how cities and  communities are working to support the move to a more digitally based economy. The reports authors, venture capital firm 1776, gave out high marks for the number of people moving to Seattle with tech skills and for having relatively even presence in the 4 major tech sectors; Education, Energy, Health, and Smart Cities. Seattle scored highest in the startup-Education sector, established-Energy sector, startup-Health sector, and the startup-Smart Cities sector. The survey concluded that hiring talented digital workers in Seattle would be pretty easy naming it the #2 city for ha skilled work force and the #4 overall top talent pools for startups in the country powered in part by the presence of Amazon and Microsoft in the region and the long-term impact the general I.T. industry has had on the city and it’s economy.

seattle ranks high for incoming workers with tech skills

The talent base in Seattle is thriving. The city (home-base for tech titans Amazon and Microsoft) has been vaulted into the upper echelon of U.S. tech hubs. Additionally, the city’s robust population inflows, educated millennials and skilled tech workforce make it a powerhouse when it comes to attracting top talent. – 1776, Innovation that Matters report

However, the researchers also concluded that there were disconnects in the startup industry as to how well the startup scene is spread around the city and metro area. Most digital startups are located in the same part of Seattle, Downtown which makes it feel like a strong dense community to the startups but not to everyone in the city. This is important because startups need more than just their friends next door to support them to be successful, they need more people in local business communities to be involved as well, Seattle ranks #24 in this regard. The city ranks #21 (out of 25 cities/areas) in the number of mentors, #22 in cheerleaders, & #22 in engaged citizens as well.

seattle vs. raleigh north carolina startups

The tech startup scene in Raleigh-Durham vs. Seattle from 2011-2015

The researchers point to this lack of community engagement and assistance as the top hurdle for the startup community in Seattle moving foward and the biggest reason the area ranks lower than others on the list.

The 10 cities that topped Seattle in the list are:

  1. Boston
  2. San Francisco (Bay Area)
  3. Denver
  4. Raleigh-Durham
  5. San Diego
  6. Austin
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Washington DC
  10. New York

Seattle beat out 4 other cities in the list of 25. This includes some that are growing in population and infrastructure quickly such as Dallas, Kansas City, and Houston. The full list of cities topped by Seattle’s tech startup scene are:

  • Chicago
  • Portland
  • Pittsburgh
  • Nashville
  • Minneapolis
  • Salt Lake City
  • Baltimore
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Phoenix
  • Kansas City
  • New Orleans

seattle wa performs well in tech sectors

Read the full Innovation that Matters 2016 report from 1776 here: http://www.1776.vc/reports/innovation-that-matters-2016/